The Golden Crow

Calling an award The Golden Raven sounds a little too much like we’re awarding winners in the Edgar Allen Poe Look-a-like contest, so The Golden Crow was arrived at. The reason I wanted the Raven: in 1943 at the height of the occupation of France, Henri-Georges Clouzot made his anti-fascist masterpiece Le Corbeau or The Raven in spite of or because of the trouble it would cause him. He put his life on the line and made a work of profound artistic and moral truth when the world had made it impossible. The recipient of the Golden Crow (a shade over from the raven, who after all, is the villain of the story) has to have created a work of artistic merit and integrity under circumstances that do not seem to permit its existence, let alone its successes.  No boundaries, be they budgetary, legal or personal, were spared in the production of a film that showcases a talent that will not be stifled by circumstance.

2013 recipient – Tucker Johnson for A Dangerous Summer


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