Legacy of 68

If you amble on over to Rogerebert.com, you’ll find a series of video essays by TIFF curator Scout Tafoya on the history and legacy of the Cannes Film Festival, a direct result of the programming of the 68 competition at Totally Illegal. No mention of the winners we would have chosen, so here are the results:

Palm d’Or – Kuroneko by Kaneto Shindo
Grand Prix – The Castle by Rudolf Noelte
Prix du Jury – The Long Day’s Dying by Peter Collinson
Prize for Actor – George C. Scott for Petulia / Albert Finney for Charlie Bubbles
Prize for Actress – Lisa Gastoni for Grazie, Zia
Prize for Director – Miklós Jancsó for The Confrontation/The Red & The White
Prize for Screenplay – The Firemen’s Ball by Miloš Forman

Special mention must be made of the other brilliant films in competition: Capricious Summer by Jiří Menzel, Playing Soldiers by Bahrudin Čengić, The Upthrown Stone by Sándor Sára & Doktor Glas by Mai Zetterling stood out among many other fine works of art.

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