The Festival will take place at Honors Zombie Studios, 23 Stacey Drive, Doylestown PA. Screenings are all free.

Thursday January 17th

4:30 PM – Damnesia – Honors Zombie Films
6 PM – The Complex – Bad Bonsai Productions
6:30 PM – Brothers in Crime by Andre Rehal
7 PM – I Need You – Honors Zombie Films

Sunday January 20th – Main Competition Begins at 8 PM

Separation De La Critique: A Trip With Raya Martin by Michael Guarneri
Cinemazing by Jamie Kennedy
I Eat My Feelings: The Zombie Musical by Erica Jennifer Hill
A Dangerous Summer by Tucker Johnson
Grey by Andre Rehal
Skullface by Noah Aust
Graveyard Kokomo by Kyle McDonald
“ATLANTIC”; or, Life On The Water by Kyle Glowacky
Una Chiave di Ghiaccio in un Campo di Lillà (A Key of Ice in a Field of Lilacs) by Jason Coffman
Waste by Laura Jorgensen
Supreme Atrocity by Andrew Haskell
Body by Lina Pearson
First Encounters by Alexander Mansour

11 PM – The Last Flesh & Blood Show – Honors Zombie Films

Monday, January 21st

12 PM – The Riverbed – Honors Zombie Films
2 PM – What Is This Film Called Love by Mark Cousins
3 PM – Séance by Christoph Hochhäusler
3:15 PM – Cry For Bobo by David Cairns
3:30 PM – Yippie / Seasons Change by Bill Jersey

Thursday, January 24th 12 PM – Friday January 25th 12 AM

The 1968 Cannes Film Festival

Sunday, January 27th

8 PM – The Unspeakable Act by Dan Sallitt
10 PM – A Knock At The Door / Tron Wayne Gacy – Honors Zombie Films

The Winner of the Main Competition, the Cannes competition and Dan Sallitt’s film The Unspeakable Act will play at a later date and different location.

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