Official Selection 2013

A few additional announcements and many practical details wil show up in the coming weeks, but here is the line-up for the first ever Totally Illegal Film Festival. Thanks to David Cairns, Dan Sallitt and Mark Cousins for their help and support, especially in the Cannes sidebar.

Main Competition

  1. Separation De La Critique: A Trip With Raya Martin by Michael Guarneri
  2. Cinemazing by Jamie Kennedy
  3. I Eat My Feelings: The Zombie Musical by Erica Jennifer Hill
  4. A Dangerous Summer by Tucker Johnson
  5. Grey by Andre Rehal
  6. Skullface by Noah Aust
  7. Graveyard Kokomo by Kyle McDonald
  8. “ATLANTIC”; or, Life On The Water by Kyle Glowacky
  9. Una Chiave di Ghiaccio in un Campo di Lillà (A Key of Ice in a Field of Lilacs) by Jason Coffman
  10. Waste by Laura Jorgensen
  11. Supreme Atrocity by Andrew Haskell
  12. Body by Lina Pearson
  13. First Encounters by Alexei Mansour

Special Screenings – out of competition

  1. The Complex, webseries – submitted by Lauren Smerkanich/Bad Bonsai productions
  2. Brothers in Crime by Andre Rehal

Special Screenings – Critics Behind the Camera

1. What Is This Film Called Love? by Mark Cousins
2. Cry For Bobo 
by David Cairns
3. The Unspeakable Act 
by Dan Sallitt
4. Séance 
by Christoph Hochhäuser

Special Screenings – Cannes ’68

  1. Kuroneko by Kaneto Shindo
  2. Capricious Summer by Jiří Menzel
  3. The Red & The White by Miklós Jancsó
  4. The Long Day’s Dying by Peter Collinson
  5. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush by Clive Donner
  6. Charlie Bubbles by Albert Finney
  7. A Report on the Party & The Guests by Jan Němec
  8. 24 Hours In The Life Of A Woman by Dominique Delouche (No Subtitles)
  9. The Firemen’s Ball by Miloš Forman
  10. Peppermint Frappé by Carlos Saura
  11. The Upthrown Stone by Sándor Sára (No Subtitles)
  12. Doktor Glas by Mai Zetterling
  13. Anna Karenina by Aleksandr Zarkhi
  14. Joanna by Mike Sarne
  15. Playing Soldiers by Bahrudin Čengić (No Subtitles)
  16. Je t’aime je t’aime by Alain Resnais
  17. Bandits in Milan by Carlo Lizzani
  18. Black Jesus by Valerio Zurlini
  19. Petulia by Richard Lester
  20. The Castle by Rudolf Noelte
  21. The Girl On The Motorcycle by Jack Cardiff
  22. Trilogy by Frank Perry
  23. Days of Matthew by Witold Leszczynski
  24. The Protagonists by Marcello Fondato (No Subtitles)
  25. Fényes Szelek by Miklós Jancsó

Supplemental Screening – Perspectives on 68

1. Yippie by Bill Jersey
2. Seasons Change by Bill Jersey

Sidebar – Two Years Undistributed///Celebrating Honors Zombie Films

1. Damnesia – Opening Night Film
2. Tron Wayne Gacy
3. I Need You
4. A Knock At The Door
5. The Riverbed
6. The Last Flesh & Blood Show


Submissions Closed!

The line-up for the first ever Totally Illegal Film Festival will be announced in mid-to-late December. Thanks everyone for your submissions and support.