The other Tiff

Hello there,

This is an open call for submissions to the 2012 Totally Illegal Film Festival. This festival is all inclusive and rewards low-budget ingenuity and guerilla filmmaking. As such there is no large venue where the films will be screened. This will take place in basements, living rooms, wherever we can find a place to screen them. The festival is not accredited, legitimate, sanctioned or legal. We welcome the underground, the pretentious, the microbudget, the bizarre, the amateur, the surreal. If you made it with love, send it here. If you’re afraid a high-profile festival won’t give your film the time of day, send it here.

Here’s what you do: put your work, of which there is no length requirement, on an NTSC DVD with a single dollar bill, in an envelope. Write the name/length of the work, your name and anything about it you think I should know. Experimental and dramatic will be judged alongside each other. Documentaries are their own category. Awards will be given to directors, actors, music, art direction, cinematography and best film.

Competition categories:  Feature Length Рhour and over

Middle length – 20 minutes to an hour

Short – Under 20 minutes

Mail all submissions to: Totally Illegal Film Festival, 23 Stacey Drive, Doylestown PA 18901

Submissions close on December 1st, so your envelope must be post-marked by that day.

Email with your name and film info so I know to expect it/can report mail trouble should any arise.